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Photography has been my passion for all of my adult life, but more seriously for the past ten years, winning numerous awards along the way.

I grew up in London’s east end; an urban environment is home to me…part of my make-up.

Self-taught; my photography turned a corner after attaining success in the Urban Category of Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013.

My influences are mostly from early twentieth century artists such as Brassai, Sudek and Bill Brandt. All of these wonderful photographers captured atmospheric and emotive images with far less technology than we have available in today’s digital darkroom.

Through my images, my ‘trademark’ night and low light photography conveys a mood, atmosphere and emotion which transcends the viewer into another age, long since passed. I look for eerie shadows cast from urban bricks, cobbles, corners and concrete. In contrast, my landscapes portray serene softness in the land and sea, where the light and darks are replaced by glowing, salty skies and fog tinged landscapes.

I flit between digital medium format cameras and shooting with film and vintage medium format cameras, preferring the beautiful imperfections and feel that can be achieved with film, something that is difficult to emulate with a digital sensor.

I live in Essex with my family and beloved pooch…