Secret London - Gaslights & Alleyways Anniversary Tour



London’s darkest, eeriest and most atmospheric courtyards and passageways…

Five years ago I wrote a workshop based on a style of photography that is very dear to my heart. The kind that evokes mood and atmosphere, the beauty and sometimes the ugliness of a London that most would never dare to visit alone…

Along that journey, I have had both the pleasure and the privilege to meet some wonderful people…many who I consider to be my friends. I have also been blessed with having an amazing opportunity to work with two of the biggest names in the business, my very good friends and eminent photographers; Doug Chinnery and Terry Gibbins. It really has been a fantastic adventure..

So, to celebrate our fifth year of Secret London, Terry and I thought it would be a nice time to write an anniversary workshop…a sort of ‘best of’ tour if you like. 

Many clients have asked for this, a mix of the ‘original Secret London and our current Secret London II locations. It’s been a tall order to get the logistics right but we’ve done it…the night will be amazing!

Join Terry and I for a night of image making at some of London’s darkest, eeriest and most atmospheric courtyards and passageways. The mood lighting will be the street lights, some of them original gas lamps emitting a beautiful, warm glow…just enough light to seein the darkness. The detail in the shadows?...well, that’s up to you!

We meet at 21:00 hrs at Kings Cross Station. Working through the night into the early hours of the morning and finish at approximately 06:00 hrs where we will drop you back to Kings Cross for your journey home.

We’ll help you get to grips with the basics of night photography and be on hand to help you master this specialist genre and demystify the techniques involved to get you capturing some fantastic images.

Terry and Gary will effortlessly transport us around all night in their iconic black cabs leaving us as much time as you need at each location to hone your skills.

So, all you have to worry about is taking fantastic images all night! We will of course be making a couple of stops for some well-deserved refreshments.

All of our workshops and tours are suitable for complete beginners right through to seasoned professionals. We advise Digital or Film equipment to be the most suitable medium for our night photography workshops. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding kit.

Everything is in place for an awesome night; I hope you can join us. 

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Price - £225


Tuition and Transport throughout the night


Refreshments & Insurance

(30% Deposit Required at Time of Booking)

About this Workshop

Join renowned London based Urban Night Photographer; Charlotte Gilliatt and ‘Light & Land Leader’ Terry Gibbins on a unique experience shooting some of London’s darkest, eeriest and most atmospheric courtyards and passageways at the dead of night. This is not a tour of the classic London tourist sites but something very different…expect plenty of dark, eerie alleyways, gaslights and cobbled streets, a secret London that evokes atmosphere and a sense of foreboding. These places still exist…if you know where to find them…

Our transport for the night, a classic London Black Cab transporting us in style to each location throughout the night.

 Why should you take this Workshop– 

  • Discover an atmospheric London seldom seen with an experienced night photographers and Londoners.

  • Get to grips with the basics of night photography and demystify the techniques required to capture the mood, magic and atmosphere of these eerie locations.

  • A unique opportunity to shoot scenes in London that visitors wouldn’t normally see or believe still existed!

 Who is the Workshop for? – 

Photographers of all levels and experience who want to shoot the atmosphere and mood of ‘old London’ at the dead of night. The experience will mostly suit photographers who want to shoot urban landscapes at night.

 Key Highlights – 

  • After we pick you up in our classic London Cab, we make our way to the heart of the city to shoot some gas lit alleyways in the Fleet Street area.

  • Back in the cab to another location, this time just across the River Thames to the south and Bermondsey, grabbing some refreshments along the way near Smithfield.

  • Another short cab ride to the notorious East End as we stop at various locations within Spitalfields with a very infamous past…

  • Yet more gaslights and cobbled alleyways before dropping you back for some well-earned sleep.

 Additional Information.

  • Group Size – Maximum 9

  • Recommended Equipment – Digital or Film camera, Tripod, Lenses ranging from 24-105mm, Remote Shutter Release is useful. Warm, comfortable clothing and footwear. Wet weather clothes.

  • Meeting Point – Will be confirmed at time of booking

  • Important Notes – Included: Tuition and guidance from Charlotte Gilliatt and Terry Gibbins. Transport throughout the night. Excluded: Refreshments and Insurance

  • Activity Level – Easy. Minimal walking but some uneven pavements and cobbled streets.

© Terry Gibbins

© Terry Gibbins

Please drop me a line if you would like to join us on our next Secret London - Gaslights & Alleyways Workshop.

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I very much enjoyed the night & would recommend to anyone. It was amazing how quickly 6am came around. The locations were very good & just what I was looking for. We seemed to dodge the worst of the rain with well-timed, breaks & yet it was brilliant for the images. Thanks for your assistance & advice which I found very helpful without feeling that I was being told what to do. I did come away feeling that I had learnt from the experience & a special thanks to Terry for modelling for me!
— Peter
Hi Charlotte,
I just wanted to thank you and Terry for a wonderful workshop. The workshop was so well organised, I absolutely loved the locations and I’m really pleased with my photos.
Thanks again to you both.
— Liz
Charlotte and Terry ,
Thank you for a wonderful workshop. Really enjoyed it. Also thanks to Gary for keeping us warm and entertained. Terry I managed to recover the lamps in most of the pictures and the pictures are good. Thanks to both you for the advice. You will be seeing me again on one of your workshops in the future.
— Paul
Just want to thank you both for a really enjoyable and inspirational event.
We really enjoyed it and your relaxed friendliness made it an easy and happy experience. You have everything so well organised and just right.
I’ve been doing photography for quite a few years now but Jackie only took it up seriously just over a year ago, hence her struggling from time to time with both camera and tripod. However, she found your help invaluable and we both took a great deal from the experience which we can use in our ‘normal’ photography Jackie is even now asking if we can make more use of our tripods!
— Howard

Photographing Secret London

Susi and I really enjoyed the Secret London workshop we recently attended. Between 9pm and 6am we were taken by taxi to a number of atmospheric and hidden photographic treasures tucked away in London. Often lit by gaslights and with cobblestone streets we felt like we were being transported back in time to old London town.
Charlotte and Terry were great workshop leaders offering advice and assistance when needed. A quick stop for coffee and then some food in the wee hours of the morning kept us all going.
The resulting images are great and this workshop is highly recommended if you want to learn some new skills and enjoy an overnight adventure which passes all too quickly.
— Greg
Hi Charlotte,

Many thanks for such a great night on the Secret London II workshop. I never knew half these places existed, and it was great to see them with relatively few people around. In fact, just nice to see London without the usual hordes of tourists getting in the way! Definitely some advantage to being nocturnal.
— Margaret