Firstly, thank you  for taking an interest in my work, I hope you find something here that you like and hopefully moves a few emotions ...whether good or bad, I always say that if one of my images stirs you enough to cause a 'reaction' then I've done my job!!

Favouring night and low light urban scenes, I am also experimenting far more with vintage and classic film photography…I love the feel and atmosphere that wet film images evoke. Although I will continue to shoot digital when the need arises, at the moment I find myself making a grab for the medium format film camera more and more…it just seems to suit my style of photography far more than digital.

I am also shooting predominantly in mono these days. I’m starting to feel that colour distracts us from what I’m trying to convey with emotion.

My influences are mostly from early twentieth century artists such as Brassai, Sudek and Bill Brandt. All of these wonderful photographers knew how to capture atmospheric and emotive images with far less technology than we have available in today’s digital darkroom.

I continue to run my very successful Secret London - 'Gaslights & Alleyways' night photography workshop with good friend and eminent photographer, Doug Chinnery. I also lead photography tours to the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. There are waiting lists for both of these workshops so if you would like to join me at some stage, I would urge you to add your details to the earlybird list on the relevant pages which can be found within Workshop menu on the left.


As always, Thank You for your continued support. I hope you find something within these pages that you find interesting….an image that holds your attention for a short while or one that keeps you returning again and again.

Thanks for stopping by…



The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality
— Scott Lorenzo